Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little beauty diary : Blue Sky High : Hard Candy, Covergirl and Maybelline

First of all, Big thanks for those who have been following my blog! Never thought just in a month i could be a Blogger of the month on Indonesian beauty blogger website. It is such an Honored to me..and i am giving my big thank you to all who have been keeping up with me!! Thanks also for Hanna for choosing me as the blogger of the month! Big big big Thanks!

I started my blog back then for my art&craft project called projectncy ( you can check my diy accessories and paintings on my older posts ), those posts pretty much are my portfolios for a while and because of that, i was featured on Austin Fashion week, here in Austin, Texas.

Growing up with so much passions in Fashion and beauty, i decided to share my interests with the world, so here i am..sharing my knowledge and my artwork. Such a pleasure for me to show what i know and the ideas with all the readers here, who knows i could give any inspirations for you..=) but the important thing is when i share, i know i learn too..

I was inspired by the quote " sky is the limit "  so i chose to play with colored eyeliner. But, i will play a little bit styling here in colored eyeliner, i will do with and without black eyeliner for the depth and boldness. 

product used :

Hard Candy Eyeliner pencil in Chop Suey. Love how it glides so creamy with good pigmentation. But, it is not waterproof though..=(

I always love Wet n wild Color icon eyeshadow. I love how the color blends so well on the eyelids.

 This eyeshadow palette from Covergirl is awesome! I love the color collections!

Oh my, Benefit Bad Gal Lash is an awesome mascara beside Maybelline mascara products. It gives a great volume on lash!Love!!!

Been blogging a lots about this Lipstick..I love the colors on my lips anyway...
check Maybelline to see the color collections!

Two Tones colors on my eyes. Pink-ish tones and blue as the eyeliner. This is without black eyeliner.

Covergirl palette pink colors as the base then the darker ones for the crease..Wet n wild ColorIcon in Sellout on lower eyelash line, apply it only half line, then blue eyeliner on another half line and all over the upper lashline make it to winged eyeliner, just a little bit..

Face products : Bless Cosmetic Acne Loose powder in Beige, Too faced Bronzer Soleil in Chocolate, Hard Candy So baked Bronzer in Tiki.

And the picture below is with black eyeliner (Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black )

See the color depth change. More bold and create more depth on the eyes. 

Statement necklace : Projectncy. 

The whole style also changed!! The power of eyeliner!! Now, you can choose which look you really like, or you can use the one without eyeliner during a day time and just add eyeliner for a bold look at night..

Nails :

Now about the outfit styling :

I am skinny..let say..i am size 1 or 2 for US Size chart and i am only 5'4"..about, yup, i am petite skinny girl. For me, bright colors and layering are my secret weapon to manipulate my skinny posture.
So, this time, i chose a high-low baby blue dress i bought in Indonesia! I layered it with a white medium sleeves - shirt. Sleeve-less clothes will make me look more skinny, so the secret is, layering it up!!=)

Clutch : Projectncy.
Shoes : Steve Madden

By choosing a simple style, gives a lot of options to play with accessories, i want to give attentions on my accessories beside a high-low detail on my dress, so, a Clutch with some details would be perfect! you can also play with statement rings or earrings!

White sweater : JCPenney
Handbag : Louis Vuitton
Belt : Indonesia

With adding a white sweater and wearing belt on the white sweater and changing the heels to another higher heels gives you a different style! How easy it is! Now you will look Chic!

Pink suede heels : Amante ( Indonesia)

Shoes : Amante

Amante shoes are just amaziiinnng!! love this brand alooottss!!

Jacket : Random Boutique

Now by adding up the (faux) leather jacket and boots, you Rock the world!!=)

Belt : Random Boutique in Indonesia

All we have to do is be creative with what we have to create different looks..=)
Sky is the limit for all of us!!

stay pretty!


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Nothing sponsored. Everything were purchased with my own money. 


  1. so colourful but sweet :D
    i love your second look, Ncy, looks more feminine <3
    ahhh and congrats for being blogger of the month, you deserve it :*

    1. aww Rini..thanks for the comment..hehe..thank youuuuuu

  2. congratulation c ncy buat blooger of the month IBB...:)...
    warna biru nan cantik,,, i like this colour
    n makasi y c ncy udah nominasiin aq buat liebster award
    jadi malu padahal blog aq masih acak2an ...

    1. kamu kan bagus, cute!!hehe..thanks lho sayyy

  3. Awesome as always <3
    I might try to copy the Makeup ><

  4. Loving the last outfit, the jacket does it for me! I like the colors you've put together, they work very well and those nails are so cute!

    1. Thanks Sharlynn...;) I love the Jacket style too..hehe

  5. OMG I LOVE AMANTE SHOES, TOO!! hahaha sorry for the shouty capitals. you look lovely as usual #envy

    1. Awww..iya, bagus2 kan desain sepatunya ya..wah makasi lho..dirimu juga cantik kok..kiss kiss

  6. Nancy! i love your outfits more than i should! you really suit bold eye make ups. very cool, dear! :*


    1. wah dear, makasiiihhhhhh....thanksssss!!!

  7. hi ce Nancy >.< salam kenal aku readers baru >.<

    you awesome as always!!! I love the outfit, make up and nail!! kyaaahhh love love love

    but why your eyes look tired?? :( eat well sleep well and life well ce~~~

    mels at

    1. Thanks mels...nice to meet you...=)
      haha, my eyes are like that...=)

      thanks for the comment!!!


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