Friday, January 18, 2013

Projectncy : Famerose


I have been excited about this project. Been working together with FLOS designing this line with passions and full of love in every step of making this line becoming the real project!

'nuff said, i have been having fun working with FLOS. And by launching this line, this is my another journey to get involved in fashion industry..and yes! World!!=) call me a dreamer!

And this is my profile that will be included inside each bag.

courtesy of FLOS

Famerose collections :

And this is the story card :

Courtesy of FLOS

For purchase please contact FLOS facebook page and contact them 
through the private message.
Or you can contact

                           Well, i am looking forward for another journey in fashion world...=)


Images are courtesy of FLOS and projectncy. Do not copy or use it in personal page or advertising without any permission. Copyright reserved. 


  1. Hwaaaaa awesome....
    hope i can buy it one ^^

  2. thats so cool ce <3 i need it &heart; love to join with ur blog :p hugss

  3. You're really talented! Nice blog!

  4. soo cool!
    you are so talented Ncy xD


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