Thursday, January 10, 2013

Little beauty diary : NYX Soho Glam Collection : Wild Red and Plum.

It is windy and cold outside and  i really dont want to go anywhere today! So here me playing with my

anyway, i got this palette for my Christmas gift from Hubby. Well, actually i chose it! haha..!! 

For $30 i think this is worth of money. I don't really buy full size of makeup product, i am so easily to get bored for makeup stuff, thats why if i do really love the small size, i will buy the full size ones. 
Also, i love palettes..well, it explains enough, eh...haha..

NYX Soho Glam Collection.
Check NYX for this collection.

I chose the palette that has more neutral colors!

They are in small oz. but i love them. Enough for me to try them all before i buy the full size.

I love the color for the contouring. Not matte though! But the amount of shimmer on it wont bother me at all, i am not a big fan of shimmering bronzer or blush.

For the NYX Jumbo lip liner, might need a lip balm before applying this lip pencil, i found this color settle on the lip lines easily.

I think i like this NYC lipstick. Pretty moisturizing and i love the consistency! Blown me away, since the price is so cheap.

I mixed those two on my lips. I love the result!

Makeup :

Eyeliner : Revlon Colorstay Pencil Eyeliner.
Mascara : The Rocket Volum' Express

Love the colors! love the pigmentation! easy to blend!

Face products used :
Physician Formula mineral wear powder in translucent
Almay healthy skin foundation in nude
Hard Candy so baked bronzer in Tiki
Revlon colorstay concealer in medium

The outfit :

Black faux fur vest : Skaist Taylor ( Co- founder of Juicy Couture ) For Target.
I got this on Sale in Target for only $24 from $79.99..wohoo i scored! check Target if they still have this deal! Target starting to carry Neiman Marcus designer clothes in their stores.
They do a lots of Sale!!

Red Dress ( underneath the vest ) : Random boutique.

Leopard legging : Random boutique.

Black Earrings : Antique store
Bracelets : Forever 21 
Nail polish : L'oreal Paris Nail Color in After Hours and Red Tote



  1. Aaaaa one of my wishlist >.<
    Buy it soon *hope*
    love your tan-skin

    1. Check Amazon for cheaper price...=)
      Thanks for the comment on my skin..!hehe

  2. you look like perfume model here, Ncy.. hahah :D
    nyx pallette seems like a good choice, i don't own one though ._.

  3. Looking good as always. I have to check Target now lol. I usually go to jewelry sale sections on earrings specifically. Love nyx palette. I have a few but have not tried them haha. It is still sitting in its box. Smh. Love the red lips! Anyway, gorgeous look.

    1. Thanks twin sister..wohoo..haha
      hope youre feeling well these days..Flu season here in States huh...thats crazy!!
      Target have Discount now...gotta go too..hahha

  4. Heeeeyyy.. blogger of the month! Congrats ncy!! :D

  5. you look so GORGEUS! i envy you and Rosdiana, i want move to US! i want visit Target and the other store! aaa

    1. haha..thats what exactly i told my husband when i first time arrived here, than i spent 4 hrs just at Target at beauty aisle digging out the whole Good thing they have online store now, so its easy for you to buy whatever you want..=)

  6. Ahaaa! Kak Nancy, I also own this palette as well, and yes I think this palette worth the price and won't waste my money :D

    1. oh thats cool!! hehe..glad you liked it as well!!

  7. aaa berani komen sekarang pakai bahasa indo ^^
    ka nancy kereeen bgt, looks sexy with red lipstick
    setelah baca blog 101 di IBB jadi lebih mengenal kk


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