Saturday, January 5, 2013

Little beauty diary : One Bath and Body : After Shower Skin conditioner bar

I always been a busy bee, well..trying to..
what consumes my time the most is when i do the art&craft projects, after that, i have to take care the household works as well. So, by the end of the day i always feel exhausted . I pretty much take an advantage when i am in the shower. Hot bath with good relaxing smell of body wash, body scrubs, mention it. I have been loving LUSH bath and shower products as well as BATH&BODY WORKS too, but this thing that completed my whole ritual at the shower is a little bit different.

After Shower Skin Conditioner bar form One Bath and Body. It Called Sleeping cute is that!!!

This moisturizer looks like a butter or cheese block with a balm consistency . make sure you wont mistaken by putting it at the kitchen table or

I love this packaging too because they put it in the recycle box. Very environment friendly!

The smells of this bar is just amazing. After shower, all you have to do is rub the bar all over your body and all you can smell is a calming lavender oil from it. Totally calm you down and make you feel so good after a long day! I am not a big fan of lavender smells when it comes a candle or burning oil, but this smell of lavender in this moisturizer bar, make you just want to go to sleep!You know how it feels like when you sooooo ready to crawl on your bed and get into a deep sleep..

Even after 5 hours since i put this on my body ( well, i am a vampire, i stay during a night to finish things that i could finish, so basically, i take a shower at 7pm and go to sleep after 3 i still could smell the good smell lingering from this moisturizer and i found my skin is still dewy and not dry at all. I think because of the consistency, its thick like a butter or can say that.

I found this at HEB ( this chain grocery store only available in Texas) , but they also sell it at target, CVS even at ULTA, and if you interested to buy this and not living in US, try their website .
They have lots of natural products for body and bath products. I think i will try another products from this company.

 For me they just unique and price wise! love it!!

I am not sponsored by this company. All based on my own opinion and purchased with my own money .

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