Saturday, January 26, 2013

Little beauty diary : Fuchsia fever

Fuchsia Fever.

I have been collecting anything in pink, fuchsia or even plum colors recently. Well, maybe i am in the mood of valentine's day later? Even though it is not for the mood of the pink, but i guess pink or fuchsia colors are always cute to collect. Everyone has a favorite color, right? =)

My fave colors? i love bold colors. Red and black are my passion i guess, but also i love statement colors too, like neon orange, turquoise, or even teal color range. I am not that girly girls who always love pink, but i admit, this color ranges and its family always cute for me, especially for the lipstick!

I picked up this color when i went to grocery shopping with hubby earlier, just wanted to try it out because i dont have the neon-bright pink color for my lipstick collection. Curious? yes!

I came across in some options about picking up the Pink pop or this Fuchsia Flash from Maybelline Color sensational VIVIDS collections. But, i think the Fuchsia flash really caught my eyes! 

So, i went back home and tried it out!

The color of this Fuchsia Flash is almost as same as the Hot plum ones...the different is the Fuchsia Flash is more lighter than the Hot plum with more pinkish tones.

On lips, it is really pretty fuchsia..i thought it would be something that so pink yet neon-ish but i think it is friendly enough to wear for casual day or when you want to make a statement style but too shy to 

Face/eyes products used : Almay clear complexion makeup in Naked
                                 Bless cosmetic Acne loose powder in beige
                                  Too faced Soleil bronzer in Chocolate
                                 NYX soho glam palette blush and eyeshadow
                                 The Rocket volum' express maybelline mascara
                                Revlon colorstay eyeliner in black

playful outfit for playful lips? i just add a printed skirt on plain navy blue 
sleeves shirt. 
Contrast accessories is my key to pop the color!

outfits : random boutiques here and there...

To see how the Maybelline Color Sensational VIVIDS collection in Hot Plum, feel free to read my other post or check maybelline .


Not sponsored. Everything were purchased with my own money. Opinions are based on my own experiences, honestly!


  1. Really like the hot plum lipstick! Your outfit is so cute too ^_^

  2. The hot plum looks so gorgeous, as do you! Love your eye make up :)

    Saw you on the GIG bloggers facebook page!

  3. how come u have those v-line+cheek bones ! ?*envy* *salahfocus* >.<
    stunning as always <3

  4. Very well done! I love bright pink lips when I do use lip products...I love a good bright pink or deep fuchsia! Works so nicely on asian skin!


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