Wednesday, January 30, 2013

d.i.y Valentine's day room diffuser

d.i.y Valentine's day room diffuser

Here is my another favorite d.i.y project for Valentine's day.
The Heart Shapes Room diffuser!
So, here is my idea of re-using the room diffuser.
Transform it into something cute that you might not find it at the stores!
Cheap and fun to make too!

Cut the Heart shapes from wool felt fabric. You can choose any kind of colors you love. I go with simple classic color of Valentine's day. Cut into some different size. Small and large or medium ones. Make sure they have their pair. We will glue two of heart shape together. Wool felt absorb the diffuser oil easily.
You can also cut the flower shape or maybe your loved ones initial..;)

Prepare the empty ( or your recent plain diffuser ) diffuser bottle and the sticks. Cut the sticks in short and long size. Fill the oil inside the bottle.

Glue the felt heart shapes together, leave the room on the bottom for the stick ( you can also work straight glue it on the stick)

Glue the heart shape on the stick. let it dry.

Fill in the bottle with the heart shape sticks.

This step is optional : add a big heart shape on the front of the bottle.

Now you have a cute bottle of hearts! And you can also smell love in the air!! =)

Happy trying!



  1. Hi Nancy! Just dropping by from GIG! Wow, I love this cute DIY you have here. It's sooo cool and easy to do. I love the hearts. Btw, I'm your 65th GFC follower hun.

    xx Donah

    I'm over at if you want to drop by :-*

  2. so cuteeeee <3

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  3. awww so cute >.<

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