Monday, February 18, 2013

Little beauty diary : Glowing skin

Body care

Moisturizer. Moisturizer. Moisturizer. And Water! Thats all i can say for the healthy glowing skin. Dont  forget to use SPF ones if you do the outdoor activity. 

Here are my Body care products that i recently use. 

1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula moisturizer. This is what i use after shower twice (or more) a day. Sometimes, i do need more moisturiaer when my skin is super dry and starting to flaky and itchy. Winter is not my best friend at all. Cocoa is best known for reduce the dark spots and mark! And always gives a glow on your skin! a

Love this formula because the thickness of the lotion. It heals the dryness so fast and leaves the skin dewy. I also put this on my body before sleep. Especially on neck area. 

2. Olay total effects advanced anti-aging body lotion. This is to replacement of the Palmer's cocoa butter formula when its time to rotate the products. I also using the Olay age defying body wash. I know, nothing can't defeat the age, but it would help to delay wrinkles. I am an old lady. Ha!

3. Vaseline Total moisture Cocoa Radiant Gel lotion. I used to love Vaseline cocoa body lotion ( you know, the one in brown bottle ). But, it doesnt work for me anymore, especially during a winter time.
So, when i found this Vaseline Cocoa Radiant gel lotion, i thought this is could be a good product to keep my skin moisture..But, because it is too oily ( greasy ) for me, i only use it for after shower regimen by applying the small amount of it on my very rough area ( it is a clear gel oil formula moisturizer ). For summer, i use it after sun-bathing on the top of SPF lotions to add more glowing effects! 

4. Jergen Natural Glow SPF 20 Daily moisturizer. This lotion has a gradual skin tones effects. It supposed to change your skin (light) color to the tan or dark skin tone, or medium to tan color..or so..but i dont like the smell of sun-burnt of it. So, i just bought the new ones with No-odor type. 
Love how it helps to build my skin tone to darker tones during summer!=)

5. L'oreal Sublime Sun advanced Sunscreen SPF 50+. This is an extra protective lotion that i use if i spend too much time under the sun ( yes, i love it!)..same problem, the smell of sun-burnt...i hate that! but this lotion gives a super dewy effects on skin and i  love the glow effect! 

6. Palmer's cocoa butter formula Body Glow. A small amount of this lotion ( a shimmery lotion) would give an extra glow on your skin. No kidding, it is like a highlighter to your skin. 

7. THERE Balinese Jasmine Body Butter. I got this for my christmas gift. I love the smell and i love the consistency. The butter is so soothing! Seriously, the smell reminds me of Bali, Indonesia. 

Tips : 

For a natural glowing skin, if you not into those moisturizer that has a shimmer effects, try to apply some bronzer on your body if you are feeling a little bit sexy that day...Just make sure you always have the moisturizer with SPF  if you love outdoor scenes. My skin is olive complexion already and it is so easy to change to the darker tones during summer ,so lucky me i don't have to go to tanning studio. All i do is using moisturizer to support my skin tone. 

Water also help for a dewy healthy looking skin!!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice glowy products, I've been so tempted to pick up one from Soap & glory for my legs! I'm not one that favors luminous faces but for legs and cheeks yes!

  2. waaa ncy racunn *kipas2*
    pengen cobain palmersnyaaaa kyaks

  3. it does not look good on me (looks like I m sweaty.. definately not what i want lol)but I like it on darker skin !

  4. cakeeepp nih..eksotiss..
    orang bule pada suka yg glowing2 gini yaa... hwaahhh dr dulu pengen nyobain jergennya tp blm kesampaian :3


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