Monday, February 18, 2013

Little beauty diary : Makeup that he loves..

The eyes have it!

We are still in the mood of love, right? especially that late Valentine's day, we did some lovey dovey time with our beloved ones. With our family, friends and our loved ones. I hope you had a good ones!

My Valentine's day went great! Even though we didn't do any candle light dinner or watched any romantic movies ( we watched Gangster Squad and Harlem shake viral videos on youtube instead) .
How romantic! No surprise at all he did propose me while watching Saving private Ryan, when we were in China in 2010. Imagine when i was sitting on the couch and watching those war scenes and all sudden , he popped the question...." okay, so..will you marry me?"...

And FIY, it was after 9 months we met for the first time after 6 years online dating. And yes, we did call it quits for a while, before he finally flew to China to meet me for the first time.
I guess, when it is love, you can run but you cannot hide..

So, on Valentine's day couple days ago, like usual, hubby went to school and came back late at night ( he took a night class, we are not a morning person, so we have to reverse our time..we alive and work at night and sleep during the day..Vampires! ) and he brought me some Daisy flowers, Strawberry chocolate, Hershey's Symphony chocolates and A card!

But, before that, i tried to be a good wife that i put my makeup on and tried to be pretty. 
( hubby doesnt like me in makeup, so i put on my natural makeup)

A light smokey eyes and nude lips! I focused on my eyes that day.

products used : 

And what i wore that day? My comfy pijamas.. lol..

Me and hubby are not fancy people, we are such a laid back couple who loves being at home and grocery stores. I think because my hubby is a good cook, i dont really craving for any food at the restaurant. Everytime i want to eat something, all i have to do is do a request and he will go buy the ingredients and cook for me. Lucky me! haha..So, we are pretty much enjoy our time at home most of the time. Yes, we do splurge some for dining out sometimes, but we  go with friends or family. Other than that, we love traveling overseas and visiting museum! we love history! But still, even though we are living in a humble life, i am still a shopaholic. Can't blame me. I was born that way. 

Funny how my mom always told me " A house is a happy house when you have a heart filled of love "
and the quotes on the card says " A house filled with love is a home, a heart filled with love is a Valentine"

He added " Almost as if i wrote it myself because its how i truly feel, love you my valentine's " -M



feel free to see our wedding party decorations here


  1. You look amazing !!

    New post - Kisses

  2. Awww, great post, babe! Btw i read somewhere (most probably from IBB site?) that you used to study at UK Petra? I'm an UK Petra alumn as well, hellow!

  3. That card is soo cute and we use the same bronzer :) Its my absolute favourite bronzer!

  4. Hai hai, thx for replying my comment :D. Iya nih kita ber2 anak petra jg hoho, yg bikin review spa anak management, kalo aq pariwisata :D! Iya nih seneng banget nemu sesama anak petra! Woohoo :D

  5. That's is the sweetest thing ever!!
    Hope I can be happy like you too!!

  6. you date online for 6 years? and your love end up on stage? amazing!

    is it hard married with western? 2 budaya menyatu pasti ribet yaa :)

    sesekali upload potonya full, pengen liat Kk Nancy! pasti tinggi yaa

    have a bless day

  7. iyah, kangen jaman kuliah nih kadang2 :D.. magang? hehehee kita sdh tua say, beranak pinak mana bisa magang2 hihihihi.. iyahh keep in touch yaa tqqq

  8. waaaahh sweet couple ^^
    jadi envy... huhuuuu

    Btw, GA di blog aku masih INDONESIA only beb, pengen banget ngadain yang Internasional :p

  9. how cute from him :) love that !
    your make up looks perfect :) love the powder effect


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