Monday, February 4, 2013

little beauty diary : Simple contouring and February lovely look

How do i contour my face using bronzer and highlighter ? 

Contouring for me is pretty much an everyday ritual for i do is trying to give more illusion on my face so it wont look too flat and have more structures. Beside, i love glowing skin with a hint of golden tan to support my olive skin complexion...

( psst..i am not a professional makeup artist, every step is based on my own experiences and my face, please for more professional contouring, google it or find other source...=) ). 

Feel free to leave a comment or critics, would love to hear from you all...=)

Here are some alternatives Bronzer and highlighter products that i usually use :

Bronzer products :

Alternatives of bronzer products that i use :

3. Body shop mineral blush ( check you local body shop ) i couldn't find it in USA site. 
I bought this one in Indonesia last year.
5. Too faced Chocolate soleil bronzer ( mine is in sample size at )

 I skip the NYC smooth skin bronzing face powder ones, because it gives me the fake orangey tan on my skin.  No offense to Snooki and the other Jersey shore fans out there! I enjoyed watching that show and i like Snooki tho! =) But i dont want to look orange!!!But for those who has light skin, i think would look good on your skin.

 Two of the best are Too faced and Benefit. Different is, Too faced Chocolate soleil is a little bit darker than Hoola Benefit. I use Hoola for the everyday use and Too faced for summer time when my skin get darker.

For the NYC Color Wheel, i use it to even my skin tone after powder. 
Body shop ones, for the night out or when i feel need more glow. Love that bronzer! the shimmer is so sexy! thing is, it makes my skin oily..but still love it!!!

Highlighters :

1. Physician Formula  Mineral wear correcting bronzer ( It is actually Bronzer but i use it as a light highlighter/bronzer all at once)
2. Hard Candy Baked bronzer in Tiki

Here how i contour my face :

After the powder, start bronzing from your cheek bone area. Make a Fishy face, feel where your cheek bone located, feel the hollow part under the cheek bone, thats how you start. Dont forget the temples and forehead to make it even. You can easily make a number"3" draw on the side of your face, From the forehead, to the cheek to the jaw...dont forget to choose the right colors of the bronzer. This contouring effect will make your face smaller / skinnier, i already have a skinny face so, i just want to make my cheek bones pop more. Brush i am using is a blush brush from walmart brand. Cheap! but i loveeee it! If you have the special brush for the contouring, you can use it too. I love using blush brush because it reach out the whole area without leaving any streak line...

I have a big nose structures, so i want to make it smaller a little bit. The trick is? Contouring the side of your nose bones. The darker side will do some illusion of smaller nose and higher! =)

Dont forget your jaw line and the chin to the dont want uneven face color and neck color. 

How i do highlight : 

You can skip this step if you dont like highlighting,  you can go for blush instead. I love highlighting because i love the glow on my face. Not too much i guess, either way you look like disco balls or oil rig ( too much highlighting makes the effect of oily face ) . To do the highlighting, focus on your cheek bones, a little bit on temple, forehead, nose bone, chin and your cupids bow ( highlighting your cupid bow gives the illusion of sexy full lips) , basically you do highlighting on anywhere that light hits your face.

The looks :

This look is going to be my everyday - February looks, soft pink lipstick and simple makeup. Back to my basic makeup : eyeliners, smokey looks and bronzer! boring!! i know, lol.. but, i will play with pinkish colors lips..just being romantic and being a girl this month...=D

Lipstick :

This is my finding on early this month. Kate Moss collections for Rimmel London
So far i love it. Pigmented, smells good like vanilla ( for me it does smell like vanilla ) , long lasting and so smooth on lips! super smooth!

Thanks for reading! Happy trying!

kiss! kiss!


  1. great post cieeee. i love high lighter too!

  2. kyaaaaaaaaaaaa kerenb banget! simple tutorialnya..resultnya it :*

  3. nice tutorial.. kebetulan lagi browsing2 cara buat contour <3

    *super exciting
    love the way you put your bronzer ncy,, so much blink *Q*
    but for me, I prefer matte bronzer than the blink-blink one. lol
    anyway, I already followed your blog :*


  5. Dear Ncy!

    Great example to make romantic looks for valentine :)
    JAFRA looooooooves the way you do the highlight! surelt made your face glowiiiing :)

    Bunch of kiss,
    JAFRA Indonesia
    FB: JAFRA Indonesia

  6. What a well explained tutorial! Thanks, been searching for the right contouring tutorial. Definitely will give it a try :D



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