Friday, February 1, 2013

d.i.y LOVE wooden sign

All you need are a wooden plate or anything that thick enough to stand, some chains or glitters, glue, scissor, brush and paints.  You will also need the picture frame stand ( its optional).  Other than that, you also need a wooden alphabets, or any material such as art&craft foams or tin materials ( maybe cut the empty can of soda drink or cookies jar )...=)

I found this wooden sign at Walmart. Check your art&craft store to find more alternative. You could also use a thick card board and cut it into any shape that you prefer. Paint the basic color on it. I chose Gold because i will make a vintage theme of LOVE sign. 

Glue the small chains all around the wooden edge. ( if you don't think you like the chains material, you can play with some beads or small stones from your backyard ). It is optional.

Now paint the wooden alphabets. Choose your favorite word or saying or even the initials. Let them dry.

To make some vintage effects, paint over the gold-ish tones of color or you can just play with glitters!

Glue the word or saying or the initials on the wooden plate.

Now you have a cute LOVE sign on the table! it is perfect for a gift too!

You can play with the colors if you feel like it! You can do other design on the back side too. Bored with the other, just turn the other! Maybe the other side would be a christmas theme and the other would be a Valentine's day theme...Save big money on decorations! =)

Happy Trying!


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