Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little beauty diary : one sexiest day

Aww! so, are we counting down to the Valentine's day? It DOESNT mean you HAVE to have a date or romantic dinner or chocolates or even big diamond on your ring to celebrate it..i think it would be romantic to celebrate it alone  and just enjoy being silly lovey dovey person for a one day..maybe watching a romantic movie like Safe Haven and empty the whole box of Kleenex  or do a marathon of Twilight series even though you told your friend about how silly that movies are...or eating ice cream with double whipped cream with cherry on top with your ugly pajamas on and hair roller on your head  without nobody complaining...or even throw a dart at your ex's pictures ( that you still keeping it in your shoes box)..or just hang out with your gang ( you can wear neon pink lipstick and its is cool with your friends) or go window shopping with your siblings or cook for your parents!! 

For those who doesnt know what to do on Valentine's day because you are single, you are free to feel sexy, even for your eyes only and maybe only for one day( if you go with Sexy to the max! ) . This is a good moment to feel good about yourself when you celebrate the Valentine's day alone...this is the moment to share some love to your parents and family! Hey, at least you dont have to waste your time finding your man a piece of tie or heart printed boxer which he prefers a newest Call of duty X-box game instead!

( and when you did give him that game, he will ruin the whole Valentine's day playing that game instead being with you...ha!)

The Prince with the shining armor out there is on the way, they just have to defeat the dragons on their way...=)  Or if he hasnt arrived yet, well..maybe the road is under, keep calm, stay pretty!!

For the eye makeup, i chose to do a simple gold and bronze color combinations with a hint of glitter liner nothing too crazy because i want a bold lips!

I finally found my berry plum color that i wanted. It is also perfect because it is long lasting and leave the perfect stain color on my lips. As you might have heard, this is a dupe for YSL lip stain, yes it does...
Heard something about L'oreal company bought YSL from Gucci Group? click here!
now you know! =)

Advice : 
Apply one coat first, wait until it dries and add some more to build up the color. If you do double coat on first, you will notice uneven stain on your lips later..( based on my experiences ).

Love how it settles on the eyes. Love how the glitter add some drama on my eyes. Absolutely, going to buy another colors! Fun!!!

For more glowing and shimmer bronze skin tones, i am using Milani Tantastic Body and Face bronzer.

Enjoy your sexiest day ever!!! With or Without your date! It is all about Share some LOVE! Anywhere, Anytime!



  1. nyx liquid crystalnya itu bagus yaa.....
    rencana mau beli dari lamaaaaaaa...
    thanks for sharing nancy ^^

  2. Your eyes look stunning!

  3. The eyes and lips, OMG you're so sexy <3

  4. suka banget sama lipsticknya dear xD~~
    aku kapan hari beli lipstick pink, pas dipake kulit mukaku jadi gelap gitu -___-


  5. Gorgeous! I love Too Faced!
    Happy valentines day <3

  6. Beautiful! I have never tried Too Face, but I'll have to check them out!

    Happy Valentine's Day, girl!


  7. Wonderful! <3

    I'm your newest follower, would you follow me back? :)

    Kisses from Poland!


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