Friday, February 1, 2013

Little beauty diary : What's in my makeup bag

Happy February, everyone! Excited month, isn't ? Valentine's day and Mardi Gras are in the corner! 

Well, away from those events, here is me sharing what do i have in my makeup bag. In this small minty polka-dot pouch, i carry some of my must-haves essentials with me everywhere. You never know when it is time for the touch up, right?

So, whats in your makeup bag?=)



  1. P3K paling ampuh ---> Vaseline lip therapy, i love this post ce ncy ♥

  2. love your products! My make up bag ? mascara terrybly and gloss Dior

  3. Sooo many products :) I don't actually carry around a makeup bag, but if I did I would have hardly any products in it!

  4. waduhh beneran kyny soal koleksi lipstik,, skali-kali bkin donk ce post soal lipstick collection :D

  5. so many lip products..
    Love all the products in your makeup bag >_<


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