Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Little beauty diary : lipstick diary

Crazy in pink

This month is a month of Love, well, at least thats what i called..but, hey, for me.. every day, every month and every year is LOVE..=)
This month, yes, i did do some decorating and shopping in pink ,red, flowers and cute stuff.. it is because me and my husband are going to celebrate our first Valentine's day together( we celebrated our late Valentine's days apart from each other for years..).so, please, let us be a lovey dovey for once before we are too old to do this...lol..

 i am not a pinky girl, but this month, i have been one...Started with pink dress, pink shoes, flowery clutch bag, heart shaped home decorations, Valentine's day themed DIY projects, etc...now i am addicted with pink lipsticks! 

Here are my finding of those lipsticks :
( for now...lol..i bet next time i go somewhere i will find more lip colors )

Left to right : Revlon Moon drops #persian melon, Covergirl lip perfection Jumbo gloss balm #Haute pink twist, Wetnwild megalast liquid lip color # Click on my hyper pink

Revlon moon drops lipstick in Persian Melon :

The only thing i hate about this lipstick is the smell. Imagine old lipstick smells or the classic lipstick smells from 80's...Thats it. Love how it moisturizes and the color is so pretty. Reminds me of the red of watermelon. Not too pink, not too red...perfect for casual Valentine's party with friends!
Check the color collections here.

Wet and wild megalast liquid lip color in Click on my hyper pink (924A) :

Interesting pink color for fun Valentine's party theme. Thing is, you really have to get ready of this lip color turns into rubber texture on your lips once it dries. You can peel it off to take it off, but using waterproof makeup remover would help. Need some work tho...=)

I got this one in other color ( number 932A ) too, a light nude color, looks pretty on the lips but not that thick as this one. Yes, i still could feel something weird on my lips once it dries, but not as much as this one! I think maybe because the  color consistency of  this shocking pink color make that thick texture of it. Don't expect a moist textures on lips once the lipstick dries. It wont extremely dry your lips, but you feel something on your lips.. It leaves a rubber texture on your lips then when it dries, it would be so ugly on your lips. Un-even, tacky and looks weird.Not recommended!

Necklace : Projectncy.

I love the texture of this gloss balm.  Love the look of the color on the lips. Smooth and very moisturizing! i also love the smell of it. Gently shea butter and mango smell make me kinda addicted!..It does remind me of Clinique chubby stick! nuff said...=)

So, which one is your pink? =) Are you in the mood for pink this month too?


  1. ahhh revlonnya cakep <3 wnw nya juga...

  2. Ohh, I love pink! Everyday of the year, not just February. I like the first one (Revlon) on you!


  3. I love all your lipsticks darling !!
    You look so beautiful :)

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  4. cucok bangeeettt sama bibir seksi-mu sayy :D aaa love it

  5. You are so sexy! I love love your make up~



  6. I never good in neon pink T___T



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