Saturday, February 2, 2013

little beauty diary : January 2013 Faves !

February already?! how fast that time flies!! How was your January? Do you have any favorite items either it is a makeup or fashion pieces that you were having fun with during January? Here are mine :

Makeup collections :

Been loving the Face powder and the blushes from this palette. The pigments are just awesome! Matte finish except the bronzer ones, has a little bit shimmer. But so far, this is my fave palette during January. 

Check out Maybelline Super Stay 24hr wear Concealer! This thing is an awesome concealer for the under eye area and also covers the imperfections! They last long and no transfer! Love this!

Found this Coty Air spun loose powder at walmart and i have been loving this powder. I am very very picky about powder, but when i tried this, i fell in love right away. I think its gonna be my long time favorite for now. Perfect coverage and feel so light on the skin. It doesnt give me a break out. Been using this for a month now and it doesnt do any acne or pimples on my skin..Hands down!

Lipstick :

( let me know if you need the swatches! )

Fragrance :

These three are some 'left over' from my fall-winter fragrances, still loving it until now. Thinking to try more cheerful yet sweet smells after this!

Elizabeth Arden Red door eau de parfum,  Bath and Body works Fragrance mist in Sensual Amber, Bath and Body works Paris Amour Eau de Toilette.

How about yours?



  1. Paris amour emng baunya top banget <3 sayang di indo carinya sulit dan jadinya mahal T.T

  2. koleksiii nyaa cakep <3
    request make up bronzer donk..hihi
    agak susah klu item manis dandan...klu mak nancy cakep :*

  3. kyny koleksi lisptick nancy banyak ya hihi xD

  4. Absolutely love the lip shades!! I've only been starting to appreciate lip products to balm my dry lips! I'm envious of the perfumes! I've none at home!

  5. cool faves!

    thanks for dropping by at my online shop's blog,
    please do visit my own blog here lol


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